30 Aug 2010

on show - Museum of London

I've been invited to show one of my images at the Museum of London's London Street Photography exhibition opening next February. It's a fantastic honour as, obviously, London is so close to my heart and the Museum, in particular, is one of my special places.

The image selected was made around 1989 which, in retrospect, was a really productive period of my work. Post-NYC, pre-children I had the luxury of time, but no money, to indulge myself coming to terms with my return to London.

link to my Museum of London street photography show selection

It's ironic in that one comment made of my pictures is how hard it is to identify their location and date. For me that's as much about our pre-conceptions of how images of London, or contemporary London for that matter, should look, so I'm really intrigued to see mine in the context of a historical survey.