30 Mar 2019

walking with ghosts

I've grabbed a chance to spend a few days in Berlin. It means putting my zine project on hold but if I can add some new ideas as I managed with my Stockholm visit last year then it'll be worth it :)

On reflection it's unbelievable this is my first visit to Berlin. It represents so many of my fascinations. Streets layered with history. A city divided geographically and psychologically. At the heart of a continent with a traumatic history that echoes today.

For me it's a great lesson in bringing to life historic events I've experienced through other's eyes. Travelling to Alexanderplatz on the U-Bahn, stepping across the stumbling stones, witnessing political demonstrations in the streets of Potsdamer Platz are powerful and inspirational. 

Berlin undergound station image
Channeling that while working intuitively is my goal. Following not just what's become my natural inclination to look for instances of street serendipity but also moments that have a layer of symbolism without analysis paralysis is challenging but it's pushing me into a new way of walking as well as working. 

London's waiting.

6 Mar 2019

one step beyond

Despite best advice to approach my new publishing project with a cool head, systematically categorising my photographs according to style, composition and symbolism I've gone ahead and put a flow together intuitively, serendipitously and accidentally. 
I've just realised it echoes my Three Graces of street photography so perhaps there's a method to my madness. 

New Europe zine first draft from Sean McDonnell on Vimeo 
Hey it's first draft. Please be gentle.