24 Jun 2017

street music

Wonderful to see Markéta Luskacová in conversation at the National Portrait Gallery this week with my friend Paul. She's an inspirational figure for me and her work in 70s London really does feel like another country where they do things differently. It was really apt to see her with Paul who played a big part in the development of my own ways of looking at the world.
Markéta Luskacová’s London Street Musicians
               London Street Musicians, Markéta Luskacová
I'm always fascinated by how people go about pursuing this passion in relation to the real world of making a living and looking after a family. Markéta's description of taking her son in his push-chair on her trips around Brick Lane was a wonderful illustration of the compromises made. 
Her story is also a timely reminder of the role of immigrants in London's growth as a world city. Undoubtedly Markéta felt a cultural affinity with the musicians she photographed but their outsider status reflected her own experience.
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