25 Jan 2010

chasing pavements

I was in two minds about the style of my last street photography book loved; life; London. I wanted to reflect the energy and randomness of the street. I also wanted to focus attention purely on the images and their sequence, not on the design of the pages, as this was the essence of that particular body of work. I decided to publish them in a more formal, traditional design but it left me with an ambition to create something that made more of the qualities of a book and also the interest of a reader.

Creating a book based on this website, where I've examined why I do what I do, felt like a natural next step. Street photography for me is not purely about the final image. The act of taking them is an expression of my feelings about the city and how we conduct ourselves on its streets. I've reflected that in a layout with a variety of picture size and crop, some of my own text and other visual ideas.
Portrait of a Street Photographer by Sean McDonnell
Portrait of a Street Photographer is more an impression than a documentary. It's not a life story, just a snapshot.

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