9 Mar 2011

hello London

Welcome to readers of the new Street Life issue of fLIP, the excellent magazine of the London Independent Photography community.
link to fLIP Magazine street photograph edition
Thank you for your interest in my work and I hope you enjoyed my piece "The Distance Between Us".
I'd like to reciprocate and invite you to join Ambiguous, my worldwide street photography book project!

The details are in this post.
So far photographers from the Netherlands, the Philippines, Italy and New Zealand are in, as well as the UK, so you're most welcome to join too!

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  1. Sean I cant resist adding a comment to your blog which I am so enjoying reading through.... its truly enlightening.

    I have started an email to you, which I will try to finish tomorrow and get dispatched to you by the weekend. It’s getting towards 1 o clock int' morning now so I'd better hit the sack......I am going to carry on reading from this point tomorrow. Its always kind of peculiar this reading backwards thing that one encounters with reading blogs.

    I have to say I prefer blog websites more than any other kind - I think it’s for that sense of "autography" - perhaps in the same way that I love the autographic in fine art works. I still have a deep love for the "hand drawn" for the person-al, it maybe something that I sense you have been referring to, in what has been evidencing itself through the process of the ambiguous book project.

    Because what makes it really 'sing' for me as a project is the creative thoughts and interpretations evinced by each of the participants as they respond to one another’s photographs.