10 Aug 2017

Tokyo 360

I've been toying with new ways of working. Film will always have a special place and it's been wonderful to fall back in love with it again over the last year. 
Singular focus and dedication to a cause, the 10,000 hours story, has its merits. That perfect shot is just around the corner, it has to be...surely? I confess at the same time it becomes a comfort zone. I've taken the plunge into digital, although just through a camera phone, dallied with video and so next up is the wild west of 360.
Link to 360 Tokyo images
A trip to Tokyo seemed the perfect opportunity. A collision of ancient and modern, Blade Runner in a petri dish. 
How did it go? Well it's certainly out of my comfort zone! Pretty much every maxim I follow is quite literally turned upside down. 
Link to 360 Tokyo images 
Is it street? Absolutely. As you immersive yourself in the image you are in the moment as well as outside it. A participant and an observer. Part of a bigger story. 
That's life. That's street.

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